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Robots that vacuum and mow the lawn are no longer dreams of the future. Over the next few years, automated household helpers will be able to take on more and more tasks. In the apartments and houses of the future, however, the technical devices will not only reduce the workload, but also communicate with each other and can be controlled by speech or clapping your hands. Self-organizing systems for controlling energy consumption and user comfort could also make a decisive contribution to energy system transformation: sustainability and intelligent housekeeping go hand in hand.


Expert and architect Werner Sobek even advocates networking energetically strong and energetically weak buildings and transferring the principle to entire housing estates and urban quarters.


But the networking of things also entails risks, a protection against access by third parties is mandatory. If, for example, toys can be controlled via Bluetooth, hackers could otherwise record children’s conversations. The Basic Data Protection Regulation also helps to prevent manufacturers from using customer data for indefinite purposes.

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