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The number of accidents is declining. However, it is still important to avoid accidents. Experts around the world are working to reduce the number of car accidents and to protect vehicle occupants as well as possible from the consequences of a crash. Whether periodic vehicle inspections or sophisticated assistance systems: they all contribute to safety on the road.

However, the requirements for safety standards vary widely around the world. In China, for example, trucks without anti-lock braking systems (ABS) still roll off the assembly line today, whereas in Germany this has been mandatory since 1991. Europe occupies a leading position in truck technology.

In order to make road traffic safer, Baden-Württemberg relies, among other things, on road safety screening. This involves the identification of road sections with frequent accidents. Accident hotspots can then be defused with concrete measures.

Every year DEKRA awards the ‘DEKRA Vision Zero Award’ to cities that excel in terms of road safety and have zero road deaths.

- DEKRA Solutions - Magazine