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The mobility of the future will be characterized by alternative drives and automation. The course will be set in large cities, where the problems of traffic jams, noise, air pollution and missed climate targets are greatest. The growing volume of traffic and modern technologies require a reorganization of transport.

Especially in megacities, innovative ideas are needed to get the traffic chaos under control. Manned drones and urban cable cars could provide an important service here. The concept of the magnetic levitation train is already being successfully implemented in China; the Transrapid Shanghai needs only 7 minutes and 18 seconds for a 30-kilometer stretch.

In networked cities, private cars will also increasingly give way to car sharing. Intelligent traffic management could help to avoid traffic jams and the electrification of delivery traffic would counteract smog in cities. The reform of mobility systems is more than ever one of the central challenges of the world, emphasizes a study by the consulting firm Arthur D. Little.


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