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The Research Union of the German Federal Government coined the term Industry 4.0. A project of the same name aims to link industrial production with modern information and communication technology. The fourth industrial revolution aims to link people, machines, plants, logistics and products.

A key technology here is data glasses, which act as an interface between humans and computers. It can add a new dimension to reality, the so-called Augmented Reality (AR). This makes it possible, for example, to display product information or better explain work steps.

The supply chain also benefits from advanced networking. The supply chain not only becomes transparent, but also more efficient and can be made more flexible. Management of the transport of goods is facilitated and the timely delivery of materials is no longer an unsolvable challenge.

Industry 4.0 not only means that work has to be rethought, but also occupational health and safety. New concepts are needed to enable reliable risk and hazard assessment of self-organizing machines and plants. The question of how data security can be guaranteed in highly networked systems also plays a major role.

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