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The conversion of analog values into digital formats is the original meaning of digitization. Information can be stored and enable electronic data processing.

According to Science magazine, an estimated 94 percent of the world’s technological information was already available in digital form in 2007. This change has permeated virtually all areas of life in recent years. The development of artificial intelligence also plays an important role.

Work processes and vehicles are increasingly being automated, private life would hardly be thinkable without smartphones and the like, even houses and entire cities are becoming “smart”. As a result, the economy is undergoing such a profound transformation that we are talking about the third industrial revolution.

How companies deal with digitization is a decisive factor in their success. Many companies see it as an opportunity and use the potential of data processing to optimize work processes. The commercial vehicle industry in particular is also regarded as a pioneer in terms of digitization, for example in telematics or shipment tracking.

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