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How safe is the Internet? Cybercrime such as hacker attacks, data theft and spyware are the order of the day. Companies are gearing up and invest in cybersecurity with ever increasing success.

In 2018, cybersecurity revenues increased by 9 percent in Germany, growing five times faster than the economy as a whole, according to a study by the German Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom).

For the year 2019, further growth by 9 percent to 4.4 billion euros is forecasted. According to Bitkom, digital security services make up the by far largest part of expenses. In this segment, 2.2 billion euros will be spent this year, which is an increase of 11 percent over the previous year.

For IT security software such as virus scanners or standardized firewalls 1.3 billion euros in expenses are forecasted (which is a plus of 10 percent). With 550 million, expenses on fitting hardware are at a similar level as in 2017 (plus 0.3 percent).

In order to fend off attacks, the organizational, technical and personnel security in the enterprise must be guaranteed. According to a Bitkom survey, seven out of ten industrial companies (68 percent) have been victims of industrial espionage, sabotage or theft over the past two years. Smaller companies were affected disproportionately. The resulting damage added up to 43 billion euros during the investigation period. Therefore, cybersecurity will gain immense importance.