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Connectivity has never been greater than it is today. Nevertheless, there is a digital divide worldwide: The number of people who have access to modern communication media varies greatly from region to region. According to calculations by the Federal Agency for Civic Education, only 13.5 percent of the population in Africa have access to the Internet. But in addition to the technical requirements, the Internet is the basis for the Internet of Things (IoT). Not only people but also machines communicate with each other via the Internet.


The faster mobile phone network 5G is in the starting blocks, and with the new network, value is no longer placed only on a more responsive data transfer, but also on latency. This term describes the time it takes for a data packet to travel from the Internet to a mobile receiver.


Wearables measure our bodily functions, data glasses extend reality and display additional information. The vehicle is increasingly becoming a networked assistant with numerous functions. From smart homes to platooning to industry 4.0 – connectivity is a megatrend.


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