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Driving a car will change dramatically in the coming decades. Keeping a safe distance to the vehicle in front of you, initiating an emergency braking, keeping the lane – even parking independently won’t be a problem anymore.

Today, many cars drive already partially autonomous. In the future, computers will allow fully autonomous driving. Liability issues are particularly problematic, regarding autonomous driving.

Experts agree that if an accident occurs in the future while driving autonomously, the question of evidence will be difficult to handle. Access to the data in the car might be helpful for the insurance companies. In terms of data protection law, however, we enter unsafe ground here.

Freight transport seems to be one step ahead. Autonomous trucks are already used in this branch of industry. Knorr-Bremse, for example, uses a truck that drives and maneuvers independently on the freight yard. Furthermore, platooning, where trucks travel in convoys without a driver, has already been tested by companies such as MAN, Daimler and Scania or DAF.

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